We are living in a transformative era where companies no longer rely solely on enhancing hard skills. For a company to truly thrive, it is essential to develop soft skills, nurture relationships, trust oneself and colleagues, and ultimately establish harmony within the entire team through mindful and effective leadership.

The depth of individual and collective work increasingly reflects on the ability to sustain a company's growth and stability.

Coming from a business-oriented family that has successfully navigated market turbulence for thirty years, independence, responsibility, and determination are ingrained in me. I dare say I have effectively managed my own small business.

If you desire greater harmony within your company, leading to healthy growth and content employees, I am the right person to facilitate your company's development.

Arrange a non-committal Zoom meeting with me so we can determine if collaboration with me would be suitable for you. 

My education:

The Art and Science of Coaching

Deep Coaching

Breath Master

Gene Keys

Additional experience:

Essential oils