I am a guide to deep self-discovery, awakening personal power, and self-realization.

We organize a truly unique retreat in the heart of the Red Sea

Retreat: Journey to Yourself Among Dolphins

Week-long cruise from October 4th to 11th, 2024, Egypt

Experience an entire week of absolute harmony with nature and yourself. Join us to naturally tune into the rhythm of nature, which will open the door to connecting with your essence.

Everything that weighs you down will be gently but surely washed away by the dolphins. From this pure energy, together, through morning breathing exercises and meditations, we will begin to create the life you truly desire from deep within yourself.

When we are harmonized, we see our light and our own darkness without judgment.

Only then does self-acceptance and true growth occur.

Founder of Women´s Talks

10 Years Professional Coach

842 340 views on YouTube

All wisdom is hidden within us. I will be a mirror and guide on your journey to a fuller version of yourself.

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